New Office & Website for Knutsford Admin Bookkeeping & Secretarial Services

Old website

Knutsford Admin was established in 2010 with a fabulous strap line ‘get your ducks in a row’ which is exactly what Helen set the business up to do.  Help people get their ducks in a row and their paperwork in order.   Inness from Inness Design had prepared a logo that reflected paperwork flying off in all directions and Emma from Damsel in Design created a website with ducks flying in from the side.


The Elements reflecting the services offered by KA

Now, in 2016, it is ALL CHANGE!  The business has grown and Knutsford Admin Ltd needed a new, more professional look and a website that clearly showed the extent of the work Knutsford Admin does to support businesses.  Inness based the new branding around the existing colours on the website and created a whole new website, he used the idea of the periodic table to create ‘elements’ which represent the different services Knutsford Admin offer.

These elements have been introduced all over the new website and signage at the new office, located on the first floor of King Edward House, behind Costa Coffee where the Carmichael Physiotherapy Clinic is.   We particularly like the contact us page where the elements have been used as shop signs.  Of course we can’t fail to mention the Team page with the fabulous photography by Paul Worpole that Inness has put together.

That is the story of our new branding, we hope you like the more modern look.

New website