Use our Secretarial Services to help with:

Secretarial work involves so much more than just typing and we’re happy to help with the whole mix.

Microsoft Word is our superpower and we’re not afraid to use it!

Whether you’re looking for a beautifully formatted document, an official letter, a form, some in-depth research or someone to maintain your mailing list, we are on hand to help – as and when you need us. We are happy to do one-off tasks or set aside regular secretarial time for your business and we won’t charge the earth. Our rates are competitive, and our service is second to none.

  • Skilled and swift typists, we can rattle off your words in record time and make them look lovely too. We can even create a letter head if you don’t already have one?
  • Forms can be fiddly, but we love a challenge and are experts at designing forms that can be emailed out to customers.
  • Minute taking so you have an accurate record of your meeting, let us handle this, sometimes, daunting task.
  • Research can be time-consuming when you’re running a business, but we’re happy to put in the hours and promise to deliver measurable results.
  • Do you have a mailing list that needs tidying up, columns all over the place, we’ll get it ship shape.

Contact us for a chat and we can discuss your needs and talk about prices.

Call: 01565 625615 or Email: [email protected]