When it comes to payroll, the Knutsford Admin team knows just how important it is to get it right first time. Employers need reassurance that they are paying staff the correct amount, while employees need to know that the funds will hit their accounts on the same day each month. For payroll that runs like clockwork, look no further…

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So, what do we do?

  • We use award winning software to produce payroll runs
  • This is a cloud solution that stores all information securely and is routinely backed up
  • We link up payroll with our clients’ chosen autoenrolment providers via the API integration
  • We can set up payroll/HMRC PAYE schemes for first-time employers
  • We can set up auto-enrolment for those that are not yet part of a scheme
  • At year end we produce P60’s and make the necessary filings
  • We produce P11D’s for benefit reporting
  • We provide P45 details for leavers
  • We provide payrolls for employers with salaried staff that mostly work the same hours each month and also for those that often do overtime
  • We work with clients in the hospitality/retail trade whose staff have irregular hours, use timesheets and deal with tip allocations.

And what are the benefits for clients?

  • Employees receive payslips via a portal on our employee app installed on their mobile
  • Business owners can approve payrolls and requested holidays easily through their online employers dashboard.
  • Business owners have access to summary documents highlighting their costs, employees’ take-home pay and the amount due to HMRC
  • RTI reporting obligations are fulfilled

Switching payroll provider? 

This needn’t be a painful process with our award winning payroll software we have the ability to transfer your payroll across seamlessly. Whether this is at the start of the tax year or during a tax year.

Auto-enrolment & Pensions

We have an extensive, broad knowledge of auto-enrolment and pensions. We can explain the terminology for example: net pay arrangement, relief at source, qualifying earnings!

A member of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals and accredited with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers to provide payroll services, we can produce pay runs for numerous different scenarios and absolutely love a challenge! We invest in our payroll services and software.

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