Exciting bookkeeping opportunity at Knutsford Admin Limited, Cheshire

Would you like to join a small happy team who work from our office in the centre of Knutsford as the ‘finance department’ for many companies in a friendly environment?

Due to ongoing growth in the business we are looking for the right candidate to strengthen our bookkeeping department.

We have a wonderful selection of interesting clients and do their bookkeeping, payroll & admin.

Key tasks would include:

  • Sales & credit chasing
  • Purchases & payments
  • Bank recs
  • VAT submission
  • Payroll (desirable but not essential)
  • Ad hoc admin tasks

Skills required:

  • Good working knowledge of bookkeeping
  • Recognised bookkeeping / accountancy qualification (AAT, ICB, CIMA, ACCA)
  • Good experience with various software packages, for example, Xero & Sage
  • Good Microsoft office skills – in particular Excel
  • Ability to multitask – will have to juggle workload and clients
  • Excellent attention to detail and high level of accuracy
  • Team spirit – our clients are looked after by all of us and become part of our ‘family’
  • Personable and happy talking to clients face to face, on the telephone and by email

You will be working in the centre of Knutsford in a nice modern office with shared facilities available. An element of flexible working will be possible and may include some home working.

Assistance with further study may be considered.

Looking for someone four – five days a week.

Rate of pay £22,000 pro rata based on experience

Please send an email with your CV in the first instance to [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you,

Rebecca & Helen

Knutsford Admin Ltd – Bookkeeping | Secretarial | Training – Services 2019 Cheshire

How can Knutsford Admin Ltd help you in 2019?

Established for 8 years, our friendly team offer Bookkeeping, Secretarial and Training services.

Tech savvy and enthusiastic in this world of ever-changing technology we use the Microsoft office suite to a high standard and the major bookkeeping software and associated apps (i.e SAGE 50, SAGE Business Cloud, Xero, Quickbooks, AutoEntry, GoCardless, PayPal, Stripe, Eventbrite).

Existing clients use our services in different ways, some have regular monthly routines, others use our services on an ad-hoc basis.  Maybe you have a staff member on holiday or off sick – instead of booking a costly full time temp you may prefer to outsource certain tasks and the urgent work, or likewise at times when your own team are stretched due to volume of work it is useful to have us in the background as an extra pair of hands.

Our clients are all important to us, we are a really engaging smiley bunch of people who work best when we get to know you, your business and your team so that we can offer a robust and seamless service.

Christmas Celebrations – December 2018

A bit of fun!









BOOKKEEPING & PAYROLL inc Autoenrolment

Have you watched BBC’s Dragon’s Den and cringed as the business owners crumble under interrogation of their numbers – particularly the Net & Gross Profit – let us, and our experience with a whole variety of industries and bookkeeping scenarios help you get to really know your figures.

We work with businesses on routine bookkeeping ensuring they are meeting their legal obligations, avoid HMRC fines and get the most from their figures.  This might include regular entry of expenses into the correct expense categories, recording sales by type, and regularly reconciling the bank account.  As with any database the better you enter the information the more useful it is when it comes out the other end in a management report, such as your profit and loss, you may use your reports to monitor your cost of sales, your profitability, your cashflow and we’ll go through the reports with you so you know how they are compiled and that all the information is present and correct – we’ll always go through your VAT report before submitting your VAT return.  A key area for all businesses is credit chasing, it makes a significant difference sending out sales invoices in a timely and routine fashion and then chasing up when payments are not received as per a business’s terms.  We can also advise of payments using Direct Debits and how to send invoices with ‘click here to pay now’.

Please note, our experience tells us, that we work best with businesses who can see the benefit of prioritising their bookkeeping and want to understand their bookkeeping, this leads to a mutually beneficial and long-term working relationship.



We are expert at editing and formatting documents in Word or PowerPoint presentations.  Clients often prepare the documents themselves setting out what information their specific industry requires and we then edit and format the document, this may include: lining up bullet points, adding titles and subtitles and a table of contents, sizing photos, images and logos so they are uniform, ensuring all font is the same and same size, inserting page breaks where it improves the display of a page, maybe adjusting margins, adding headers and footers with current page setting, putting one page landscape amongst a portrait document. Creating master layouts in Power Point.

Do you have a database or a CRM system that needs tidying up, consistency is very important in these and we can put the right information in the right boxes.

Some clients require research that takes time, we can find that time and search the internet, following your instructions, for the information you need to help you in your business.



Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook are the work horses of many businesses and an introduction to these or a top up of knowledge can be very useful.  We offer bespoke training sessions to suit the requirements of your employees and business needs. Someone may need help with bullet points and document layout, perhaps some excel hints to speed up tasks with simple formulas, how to use a diary in Outlook, setting up meetings, sending invites and reminders.


Why not call us to have a no obligation chat about our services, find out a bit more about the team and see if we can take away some of your stresses in 2019 and help you be more efficient.


Please call Helen or Nathalie 01565 625615 / 07507 897756 or email

[email protected]


We look forward to hearing from you.


6 UK Employment Law Changes taking place in 2018

If you require further information on the items featured here or advice on any other HR or employment matter please get in touch:
[email protected]  or call  01565 625615 
Knutsford HR & Recruitment are part of the Knutsford Admin Group.  We offer HR and employment law advice as well
as a specialised recruitment service.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will update and harmonise data protection law across the EU. Businesses will need to audit and review their existing data policy.   The GDPR is effective from 25th May 2018.

Initial agreement has been announced protecting the rights of EU Citizens who currently live in the UK to remain here to live, work and study following Brexit.
  Nonetheless, those employers that rely on a large inflow of European workers are still awaiting confirmation of immigration arrangements following our withdrawal from the EU.


From 6th April 2018, taxation of termination payments – that is all payments that are in lieu of notice must be treated as remuneration and so subject to tax and NI contributions.  Previously, employers could offer an employee a tax-free payment in lieu of their notice period where there was no contractual right to make a payment in lieu of notice.


National Living Wage for employees aged 25 and over will increase to £7.83 per hour from 1st April 2018.  Other rate increases are as follows:
21 to 24 is £7.38; 18 to 20 is £5.90; Under 18 is £4.20 and Apprentice is £3.70.


Statutory family pay rates including maternity pay, adoption pay, paternity pay, shared parental and maternity allowance will increase to £145.18 from 1st April 2018.


Private and voluntary sector employers with 250 or more staff are required to publish their first gender pay gap report.  They are required to submit pay data from 2016/17 including differences in mean/media pay, mean/media bonus between their male and female staff.

Knutsford Bookkeepers polish their skills at Cheshire Cookery School

Team Day Out! Officially it was Knutsford Admin’s Christmas Do a trip out on a cookery course – however you could call it ‘Team Building’, it was certainly interesting seeing our different personalities shining through as we set about the various cooking tasks.

First we gathered by our office door, wrapped up warm to head off to the train.

Then with a bit of magic we transformed from bookkeepers into proper chefs.

We’d found the Cheshire Cookery School via social media but had never visited previously.

A complete treat, a fantastic foodie facility with a well set out and equipped kitchen and very best of all the delightful assistants who cleared up behind us.

Our challenge was to make ravioli with a mushroom sauce and baked focaccia, this perhaps doesn’t sound that difficult but it took us a while and was huge fun, testing our skills as we went.  Do you use a sharp knife to crack eggs?  Well we learnt how to sharpen knifes and then crack eggs.  Did you know the weather and humidity will affect how much water to put in your bread dough.  Would you know all about proper olive oil?  Great to learn new knowledge.

It’s fair to say that our most mathematical team members Jon and Alison took a far more precise approach to their ravioli and produced uniform squares, all very neatly executed.

My approach is much more about getting tasks done quickly – my plate of food was cooked and ready for eating way before anyone else, my ravioli tasted absolutely fine of course, but lacked the finesse of Jon and Alison’s, I like to think mine had a more ‘rustic’ look.

Interestingly though this is reflected in how we work with Knutsford Admin – I am much more prone to pushing work along quickly, whereas some of the others like to take more time – as clients are charged by the hour so long as the work is correct most of them prefer a speedier approach, and that’s what makes a good team, achieving a good end result but in the time frame the client desires.

All in all we had a marvellous day enjoying a complete break from computer screens and enjoying each others company – there is no doubt about it, the odd social activity does a great deal to keeping a team motivated and I for one, thoroughly enjoyed the Cheshire Cookery School experience with the Knutsford Admin team.

Now let’s start planning 2018!

Happy Christmas from

Helen and team KA

Knutsford Admin Ltd, Cheshire, talks Bookkeeping in Lego

Let me tell you a story …

Recently I was delighted to take part in the funded Smart Cheshire Innovation Program through the Cheshire and Warrington Growth Hub along with around 20 other business owners.  This course run through Manchester Metropolitan University is designed to help businesses who are established and looking for guidance in the next stage of development, the aim to support businesses who may be taking on more employees which, of course, is excellent for the local economy.

An inspiring selection of speakers came to our sessions and put us through various classroom exercises – some more fun than others (personally I loathe ball games!) – but all valid and enlightening in their own way.

Isla, superstar, of Ruby Star Associates asked us to create in Lego how we view our customers experience.

What a simple way to pull together a visual of who we are as a business and what we can do to help potential customers, exercises such as this help us define the vision for our businesses and our mission statements.

So here is Knutsford Admin’s lego story from left to right in three stages:

Stage 1) businesses call us, they may be in a dark period, there maybe cobwebs on their files, they may feel like a headless chicken, the authorities (HMRC) might be after them.

Stage 2) Knutsford Admin comes along, working closely with the business owner together they whip the files into shape, maybe even using files in calm and co-ordinated colours, everything becomes symmetrical and in a uniform order, it is a bit like a visit from a genie in a lamp.

Stage 3) the business owner feels like the King on top of their castle again.  Life is full of bright colours and doors are opening – note the palm tree behind the pink door – that is the opportunity for the business owner to go on holiday and take some essential time out.

Hope you like the Lego story and if you think we can help you then call 01565 625615


Mail Merge Labels for envelopes – a Microsoft Word Training Guide from a Knutsford, Cheshire Secretarial Service

Do you have a whole list of people or businesses you need to send post to, would you like to quickly produce typed labels to stick on the envelopes?  Christmas is a popular time to do this when it comes to sending out cards.

We can help you do this.

Click to open our HOW TO MAIL MERGE guide.

First you will need to have created a spreadsheet in Excel.  Put your contact details into rows, follow these column headings:

Title, First Name, Last Name, House/Building Name, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3, County, Post Code

Save this document with a name and in a file on your computer where you can find it when you browse to link to it from Word when you’re creating the labels later.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, we’re happy to give very brief help over the telephone.

Alternatively, if you would like to use one of our services, we can produce the labels for you or you could book one of our two hour training sessions at our office when we can show you how to use Microsoft Excel and / or Word.

[email protected]

01565 625615



Bookkeeper, accounts experience, excel – JOB VACANCY – Knutsford Admin

Due to expansion we’re looking for a new member to join our friendly team.   Knutsford Admin, has been established 6 years and prides itself on exceptional customer service and happy clients we’re looking for an experienced bookkeeper / accounts person who is confident in bookkeeping software and excel.


Initially this post is for 12 hours per week and will be based at our Knutsford town centre office, visits to clients premises will be required.

We are a very close team and support each other continuously, we do like to have a laugh whilst working professionally at all times.  Our clients are very important to us and we have developed good relationships with them.  Continued external training is always on offer at Knutsford Admin.

If you would like to know more about Knutsford Admin and the role please do call 01565 625615 or email with a covering note and CV to [email protected]

“…bookkeeping is probably something you should not even attempt.” A quote found by Cheshire Bookkeeper, Knutsford Admin

Those with ADHD might make better Entrepreneurs. Read the very interesting original article from Entrepreneur.com HERE

In the article Lydia Belanger, associate editor,  writes about business owners who may have ADHD “It’s also understanding that bookkeeping is probably something you should not even attempt.  Nobody I’ve met is able to do their own bookkeeping.  They hate it.  It creates all sorts of anxiety.  I’ve interviewed several people who, every freaking quarter, they are delayed filing their taxes.  They have to pay extra fees.  Typically, they need people to help them.”

Do some business owners have ADHD?  

Do people with ADHD gravitate towards being business owners? 

One thing is for sure, being a business owner is not for everyone and is not for the faint hearted.   It can also be jolly lonely being the business owner and frankly keeping on top of the books is the least creative or exciting part of a day to day routine for the average entrepreneur.  

The team at Knutsford Admin can fit in well here, our approach to supporting business owners and their teams means that they can get on with the day to day marketing, creative and sales work within the business while we keep the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed.   We understand how tedious bookkeeping appears on people’s ‘to do’ lists and we work with business owners  to give them maximum meaningful information from their figures with minimum effort on their part. 

If you would like more information about how the Knutsford Admin team can help you with bookkeeping and Admin tasks, please call 01565 625615. 

New Office & Website for Knutsford Admin Bookkeeping & Secretarial Services

Old website

Knutsford Admin was established in 2010 with a fabulous strap line ‘get your ducks in a row’ which is exactly what Helen set the business up to do.  Help people get their ducks in a row and their paperwork in order.   Inness from Inness Design had prepared a logo that reflected paperwork flying off in all directions and Emma from Damsel in Design created a website with ducks flying in from the side.


The Elements reflecting the services offered by KA

Now, in 2016, it is ALL CHANGE!  The business has grown and Knutsford Admin Ltd needed a new, more professional look and a website that clearly showed the extent of the work Knutsford Admin does to support businesses.  Inness based the new branding around the existing colours on the website and created a whole new website, he used the idea of the periodic table to create ‘elements’ which represent the different services Knutsford Admin offer.

These elements have been introduced all over the new website and signage at the new office, located on the first floor of King Edward House, behind Costa Coffee where the Carmichael Physiotherapy Clinic is.   We particularly like the contact us page where the elements have been used as shop signs.  Of course we can’t fail to mention the Team page with the fabulous photography by Paul Worpole that Inness has put together.

That is the story of our new branding, we hope you like the more modern look.

New website


NOW FILLED: Bookkeeper job vacancy | Knutsford, Cheshire

duck1“Get your ducks in a row” – that’s our slogan and we like to help businesses achieve this.  Knutsford Admin is a bookkeeping practice registered with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.  Alongside bookkeeping Knutsford Admin offers secretarial services and training on Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

Due to growth we are seeking to appoint a qualified bookkeeper, with good computer bookkeeping experience, preferably with SAGE.   Alongside bookkeeping experience it is essential that the candidate is proficient and confident with Microsoft packages and not scared of I.T!

The ideal candidate will enjoy a challenge and be able to adapt their work flow to the daily demands of the business.  Each member of the team looks after their own clients, but, equally all team members are able to cover each other, sometimes at short notice.

Knutsford Admin is a small business and can offer a degree of flexibility of hours; this post is part time but full time may be considered.  We are a small team who are proud of the professional service we offer to clients and actually enjoy coming to work!

Salary will be based on experience.

If you are interested in this role then please email over a covering note and CV fao Rachel [email protected]