“…bookkeeping is probably something you should not even attempt.” A quote found by Cheshire Bookkeeper, Knutsford Admin

Those with ADHD might make better Entrepreneurs. Read the very interesting original article from Entrepreneur.com HERE

In the article Lydia Belanger, associate editor,  writes about business owners who may have ADHD “It’s also understanding that bookkeeping is probably something you should not even attempt.  Nobody I’ve met is able to do their own bookkeeping.  They hate it.  It creates all sorts of anxiety.  I’ve interviewed several people who, every freaking quarter, they are delayed filing their taxes.  They have to pay extra fees.  Typically, they need people to help them.”

Do some business owners have ADHD?  

Do people with ADHD gravitate towards being business owners? 

One thing is for sure, being a business owner is not for everyone and is not for the faint hearted.   It can also be jolly lonely being the business owner and frankly keeping on top of the books is the least creative or exciting part of a day to day routine for the average entrepreneur.  

The team at Knutsford Admin can fit in well here, our approach to supporting business owners and their teams means that they can get on with the day to day marketing, creative and sales work within the business while we keep the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed.   We understand how tedious bookkeeping appears on people’s ‘to do’ lists and we work with business owners  to give them maximum meaningful information from their figures with minimum effort on their part. 

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