Why do i have a blog?

Yes I’m asking myself that question!

Well curiosity.  On a need to know basis I felt I needed to know about the world of blogging – I am naturally a very inquisitive (nosey) person.

So I wondered what blogging was about and how it’s incorporated into websites and what advantages / disadvantages there were for small businesses.

For those seeking good search engine optimization on their websites it is rumoured that blogging helps with keyword searches, but, as my business is centred around bookkeeping, admin, secretarial services and paperwork organisation I think to just blog about these topics would be a trifle boring.  I did though just manage to sneak some keywords for SEO into my blog!!  I did spot in the press very recently that web spiders, like Google, are looking for interesting blogs not just those written for SEO purposes – does the spider actually read the article though, I wonder how it knows if the article is written for general reading  or just for SEO purposes?  See I am as ever curious.

So I shall continue to post completely random blogs, about once a month (I ‘m not inspired enough to write more frequently) and I shall keep on researching the whole matter of blogs.


Thoroughly recommend Stromboli, Sicily as a destination.

If you read my previous post on travelling light!  You may be curious where we were – we visited Stromboli which is a live volcano.  There are daily trips up to the crater to see the lava spouting out, it was awesome whilst a little daunting especially the noise of some some of the explosions.

If you are at all interested in volcanoes and are happy to climb to the top (and back down in all the ash, a bit like coming down a sand dune for two hours) then book yourself a trip, you’ll be wowed that’s for sure.


What have my experiences of Twitter been?

Having been a social user of Facebook from quite early on I hadn’t felt the need to use Twitter.  This changed when I set up Knutsford Admin. Trying to find out what businesses were out there and carrying out some bench marking of other secretarial services and bookkeepers I found Twitter to be a rather useful tool, and now I’m well and truly hooked.

During the day seeing tweets from other businesses in Knutsford it is a like a virtual walk along its high streets and seeing what’s going on.  Being of a slightly nosy disposition this window on life is great.

There really is a great sense of camaraderie between the businesses in the local area and tweets between them has really helped to prevent business owners feel isolated.

So from my experience Twitter for business to business is valuable.  The question is do enough members of the general public follow our local businesses on Twitter and take advantage of the many special offers and temptations tweeted?

Some teenagers I know are extremely active on Twitter but it does seem to just be for them to declare where they are and ‘talk’ to their mates, but then again from a businesses point of view though teenagers aren’t the ones who’ll be spending.

Hopefully Twitter will continue to grow and more members of the public will use it to see what’s going on in their local town and support them.

I am definitely firmly a Twitter fan!