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If you are looking for training on Excel in Knutsford, Cheshire, then we’ll be happy to share our knowledge with you and have produced a ‘menu’ of some of our favorite uses for Excel.

Please click on the link below to see examples of what you can learn.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Training Dates Winter/Spring 2014

Below is a list of the available times in Knutsford, Cheshire, for training slots to be booked within.

It is sometimes possible to offer a degree of flexibility so please ask if the time you wish for training is not displayed.

Any times between the hours below
MONDAY          09.00 – 20.30
TUESDAY         09.00 – 17.30
WEDNESDAY  18.30 – 20.30
THURSDAY      12.00 – 20.30
FRIDAY             09.00 – 17.30
SATURDAY       09.00 – 17.00

For a printable list of days of week and times please open this PDF.
Knutsford Admin Training Dates Availability Winter . Spring 2014

Bookkeeper job vacancy at Knutsford Admin Nov 2013

Knutsford Admin, a provider of bookkeeping, credit chasing, Excel/Word/PowerPoint training, admin and secretarial services for local businesses is expanding. The business was established in 2011 and has been growing steadily for 3 years.

We are looking to recruit a qualified bookkeeper on a part time basis. Approximately 11 hours per week to suit personal circumstances.

This role is based at our office on Parkgate Industrial Estate, Knutsford, though occasional visits may be required to client’s premises.

Due to the varied nature of the business it is essential that the qualified bookkeeper is proficient in Microsoft Office, with excellent Excel skills and has a professional telephone manner.  We use SAGE and QuickBooks, experience in one is essential, both is desirable. A love of I.T will definitely help in this role.

Please send your CV and covering note to Helen Rogers,  [email protected]

Closing date for applications is Friday 6 December 2013


So What Does Knutsford Admin Do?

From time to time people ask what we do, “what is Knutsford Admin?”.  Here are some examples of projects we’ve worked on:

Credit Chasing

A necessary evil that we approach in a persistent and persuasive manner.

Databases & Research

Databases often evolve over time and can become messy.  We took a client’s database and sorted it into a more orderly fashion.  The list from Excel has now been imported into MailChimp.  From there it is managed in a consistent way and mail shots are send to filtered sectors of the list as appropriate according to the criteria chosen.

In order to complete the task it was necessary to spend some time researching if the data was up to date, this was carried out by web search, emailing and telephoning.

Document production

Type documents up to look professional and these are then bound with covers if required.


We love Excel! We’ve created and trained people on good spread sheet solutions that helps them keep their data in good and efficient order.  Particularly like formats like the =INDIRECT one that pulls information together by criteria.

Advised on spread sheet completion for uploading to other software e.g SAGE and e-commerce sites.

Our Excel training courses help establish good practice when using Excel.  We provided bespoke training to a client who wanted a quick and robust invoicing system creating.

Holiday cover

Look after client’s email accounts, telephones, laptops when they go on holiday so that their customers receive personal responses rather than ‘we’re on holiday’!

Insurance Claim

Client needed to make a substantial claim for loss of earnings due to extensive telecoms problems.  We liaised with the loss adjustor, organised his visit, provided all the paperwork necessary whilst the client was able to carry on working to re-establish his business.  The claim was swiftly settled without complication or delay.

Minute Taking

Take minutes and type them up concisely and produce them swiftly.


We inherited an untidy QuickBooks and have carried on the weekly inputting routines whilst slowly and carefully tidying up some of the old debtors and creditors.  The aged debt, for example, is now much healthier looking with just a matter of pence in the over 60 days.

Recruitment Project

Co-ordinated job vacancy adverts, received applicant details (56), presented to client and helped made his list of potential candidates.  Communicated back to applicants.

Organised the interview day so that the process went smoothly and kept to the time schedule.  This was followed with second interviews and site visits.


Along side running the day to day SAGE activities we’ve helped a client manage their large number of customers within SAGE by establishing a customer category code system – this enables easy annual invoicing to customer types and enables reports to be filtered by customer type.


Make calls on behalf of clients when perhaps tact and diplomacy and a third party voice is beneficial.


Have liaised between web designer and client to advised client’s on what volume of text and images were needed and where.  We’ve helped put these together in an organised, and easy to understand, fashion and sent to the web designer to implement.


… we also enjoy transcription, travel booking and any other tasks that we can devote time to while you can continue to work in your business.

Autumn Training Dates

Microsoft Excel Training dates for Autumn 2013

Monday 14th October 6.00pm to 8.30pm

Friday    25th October 9.15am to 3.00pm


Thursday  7th November 6.00pm to 8.30pm

Friday    22nd November 9.15am to 3.00pm


Please enquire for individual tuition at times to suit


Excel Training, Word and Powerpoint too

Knutsford Admin is pleased to announce the launch of Excel Training (our favorite topic) plus Word and Powerpoint.

Based at our office on Parkgate Industrial Estate, Knutsford, Cheshire we have a room set up for training purposes – there is one trainer and space for 3 students with a larger screen for all to see.  The courses can be tailor made to suit your requirements or we can teach you skills and good habits that will stand you in good stead.

You are welcome to bring you own laptop so that you can take home what you have learnt and you’ll be provided with information sheets.

Watch our website and twitter for details of planned courses.

Day times are £50 per person and include a light lunch, they run from 9.15am to 3pm.

Evenings are £25 per person and run 6pm to 8.30pm

Individual tuition can be arranged to suit please call during office hours to enquire 01565 625615.


Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

Knutsford Admin would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas.   There will be plenty of people out there who are looking forward to a well-earned break, hopefully not too many who are scrambling around trying to get their accounts done at the last minute!

Throughout 2012 Colette and I have worked together on a number of clients projects in a job share way.  Some projects involve weekly visits to those small businesses that need all round admin help primarily centred on their bookkeeping packages: SAGE and QuickBooks.  However our work is not purely focussed on the computer, we have mopped floors, cleaned windows and cleared junk off shelves so that filing systems can be established!  Examples of some of the work we’ve carried out:

  • Co-ordinated Health and Safety inspections and overseen the development of the office manual
  • Organised insurance policies and claims
  • Created job descriptions, time sheets, holiday records, work contracts
  • Started and manage a twitter account
  • Created bespoke excel spread sheet solutions: a bookings diary for a cattery, a register for fitness classes with an automatic totals page showing who’s paid and how many in each class
  • Reconciled a year’s worth of neglected bank accounts in QuickBooks and SAGE
  • Transferred utility, phone and card machine companies

Certainly, there’s been a great variety of jobs to keep us on our toes.

Knutsford Admin will be recruiting a new team member in January 2013, one aim is to have our office door open, at Parkgate Industrial Estate, Knutsford, to drop in visitors for one off admin tasks and to be able to offer a more immediate response for clients who maybe need a task completing urgently.  This might be:

  • booking tickets for a journey
  • making a phone call on the client’s behalf, where another voice can be useful
  • carrying out some quick research
  • sending an email perhaps chasing a debt
We also look forward to continuing to use Microsoft Office 365 in 2013 with our newly created Team Site.  Each client will have their own secure page where we can share access to relevant documents or spread sheets, I’ll be writing a bit more about this in 2013.

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas season, enjoy the break and we look forward to working with you in 2013.

Very best wishes


Founder Knutsford Admin

Knutsford bookkeeper angle on customer service

Is customer service important for bookkeepers?

Two years ago Knutsford Admin was founded offering secretarial services, general office admin and bookkeeping to businesses who need an extra hand in and around Knutsford, Cheshire.  Especially useful to those business not yet ready or able to take on their own admin staff.  Having experience of work with international, national, large and small businesses one common theme is paramount – excellent customer service is one of the key ingredients for success.

Within the bookkeeping and secretarial services industry customer service is a number one priority. When working with a business, accuracy and attention to detail are important, along with being human and understanding clients as individuals.  This combination makes for excellent working relationships.

With the owner managed businesses I’ve worked with the excellent customer service comes directly from the owner – they make sure they know their trade inside out and as it is their business they know to treasure and value their customers.  However businesses grow and employ staff and at this point it becomes not only the domain of the owner to offer good customer service.  John Lewis are an example of a business with excellent staff training, excellent management and highly motivated staff who feel valued and an important part of the business, this  is reflected in the customer service they give.

Although an extreme comparison the following examples are a good demonstration of good and bad customer service and infact gave me the idea of writing this particular blog.

The first was a marvellous opportunity to stay at Le Manoir aux Quatre Saisons; Raymond Blanc’s hotel, restaurant, and cookery school.  Chatting to other attendees at the cookery class it turned out 3 of them were staff members who explained that Monsieur Le Blanc likes all his staff to experience eating in the restaurant, staying overnight and taking cookery classes so they themselves experience and understand the customer’s experience.  It was very evident that all of the staff were impeccably trained and the customer service was first class.

In contrast one night in an independent hotel in the Lake Distrit did not demonstrate the same level of staff training.  Passing by reception in the afternoon a senior receptionist was blatently telling off a junior receptionist for all to hear.  It included the words ‘that’s not what guests expect’.  The junior receptionist was very young and possibly quite naive, I had to wonder if the senior receptionist herself had had good training and if she had ever considered if the junior would know what guests would expect, perhaps he had never experienced being a guest.   I picked up on an unhapy atmosphere in the hotel and won’t be returning.  A bad example of customer service.

It has been very nice to receive complimentary customer service feedback from Knutsford Admin clients and certainly our ethos is all about understanding the client and interpreting how to help run their businesses smoothly and with a smile so they can concentrate on their businesses without getting bogged down with day to day admin.


Knutsford Admin received a rather nice compliment.

This week one of the accountants we work with, said he..

[quote ] liked the forensic approach we took to sorting out terrific accounting muddles in a clear and concise way.

Thank you David, TaxMatters Accountants