We can help you with recruitment and managing your staff

Developing and maintaining that all important happy, hardworking team, a team you know you have developed and can feel proud of is not always easy. Employees are likely to be your single largest expense, and perhaps biggest headache. We can help you with recruitment and managing your staff, we can share your concerns and will always be available to discuss and offer solutions to any issues you have.

Many small to medium businesses do not employ HR staff but would like the peace of mind to know that they are complying with UK employment law, looking after their staff properly and demonstrating good leadership. With practical HR advice and support we will help you manage any situation involving your employees.

Our aim is to provide a sensible voice and find a path that remains on piste but acts in your best interests.  You can be reassured of reliable help in the following areas:

    1. 1. Staff Recruitment

      Our recruitment is straightforward.  We listen to your requirements and guide you to recruit the right people for your business.  We support you with your recruitment process to find the best candidates.  
      Our fixed fee recruitment service is affordable and effective.  We can write job descriptions, job adverts, review CVs and conduct telephone interviews prior to shortlisting candidates for interview.  Either you can conduct the face to face interviews alone or we can accompany you.  We can also provide interview questions and organise in-house testing, for example Word or Excel tests, anything suitable for your particular business.  Once the ideal candidate is found, we can reference, provide employment contracts and advise on induction.  We also offer DBS checks and Confidentiality Agreements if required.

    2. 2. Managing staff

    3. Your employees can be your greatest asset or biggest threat. Getting the best from employees is key to any company’s success. We support all aspects of employee management, allowing you to handle any situation correctly, quickly and professionally.
    4. We can provide Company Handbooks. These ‘go to’ documents are the voice of your business and are a point of reference on your culture, style and expectations. They are not only valuable for new starters but are also a useful on-going tool for existing employees. They can be tailored to your requirements. Read more about company handbooks here.Other areas you may need guidance on are: Employment Law Compliance, Parental and Flexible Working, Disciplinary & Grievance, Equality and Discrimination, Misconduct Investigation, Absenteeism/Staff Turnover, Staff appraisals/Employee Engagement, Admin Training where there is failure to reach expected standards.
    5. 3. Exiting employees

    6. Employees will leave your business at some stage for whatever reason.
    7. If an employee chooses to resign it can a difficult time for a business, but dismissal or exiting an employee from your business can be much harder.Should an employee resign, we can support you with exit interviews and practical arrangements around termination of employment.Should you face the tough decision of letting an employee go, for whatever reason, we can support you in understanding your options. We offer consultation and support whether you are dealing with disciplinary or redundancy matters and help you through the process of exiting the employee, preventing costly mistakes.

    Knutsford HR & Recruitment further specialise in:

    • Business re-structure/Change
    • Difficult conversations
    • Mediation
    • Employer brand

    Our HR and Recruitment Service is overseen by Helen and outsourced to a preferred associate.

    With a degree in Business and I.T Management Helen has studied People in Organisations and Change Management. Helen is particularly experienced in Change Management with businesses that have grown from a team of two to teams of eight plus where the original HR would have been handled internally and now needs external management, this includes experience working with businesses where original and founding members of staff are working with a new and growing workforce, partners working together and families, often two generations.

    It costs nothing to get in touch – we provide a free consultation to assess your needs.
    Pricing is structured on an hourly or half day rate with an additional one off fee for Recruitment Services. We can also tailor project or retained packages.

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