Outsourced payroll service for businesses in Cheshire

Are you employer A, B or C? We have a solution to fit your payroll

Employer A

Runs your own payroll but you don’t really like it very much – hadn’t ever considered outsourcing.

We invest in our payroll services and in up to the minute payroll software, so you are included in the process, but we do all of the routines and keep everything on track.

Through the software you have full access to a range of payroll reports should you wish to keep check on the numbers.

Employer B

Absolutely loath payroll – it’s complicated and always bites you on the bum every month!

You need to relieve that stress so you can enjoy your business and your employees.

We run the payroll software and can do everything to keep your payroll department, including autoenrolment pensions and PAYE, on track – you will need to give us some information, but we promise not to be contacting you all the time, only when needed.

Employer C

Happy doing your payroll – interested to hear about payroll with bells and whistles.

  • Approve payroll & annual leave with the touch of a button
  • Payslips go to employees’ same time, same day, every month
  • Employees have an app on their phone and can see all their payslips plus you can also load any HR documents for them too – for example company handbook, employee contracts
  • AND employees can have their holiday calendars on the app and can request holidays that you can approve
  • We look after the software, but you still play a part in your business’s payroll department

Do not suffer payroll pain any longer. Call us on 01565 625615 and let us talk you through how we may be able to help.