Knutsford Admin Ltd, Cheshire, talks Bookkeeping in Lego

Let me tell you a story …

Recently I was delighted to take part in the funded Smart Cheshire Innovation Program through the Cheshire and Warrington Growth Hub along with around 20 other business owners.  This course run through Manchester Metropolitan University is designed to help businesses who are established and looking for guidance in the next stage of development, the aim to support businesses who may be taking on more employees which, of course, is excellent for the local economy.

An inspiring selection of speakers came to our sessions and put us through various classroom exercises – some more fun than others (personally I loathe ball games!) – but all valid and enlightening in their own way.

Isla, superstar, of Ruby Star Associates asked us to create in Lego how we view our customers experience.

What a simple way to pull together a visual of who we are as a business and what we can do to help potential customers, exercises such as this help us define the vision for our businesses and our mission statements.

So here is Knutsford Admin’s lego story from left to right in three stages:

Stage 1) businesses call us, they may be in a dark period, there maybe cobwebs on their files, they may feel like a headless chicken, the authorities (HMRC) might be after them.

Stage 2) Knutsford Admin comes along, working closely with the business owner together they whip the files into shape, maybe even using files in calm and co-ordinated colours, everything becomes symmetrical and in a uniform order, it is a bit like a visit from a genie in a lamp.

Stage 3) the business owner feels like the King on top of their castle again.  Life is full of bright colours and doors are opening – note the palm tree behind the pink door – that is the opportunity for the business owner to go on holiday and take some essential time out.

Hope you like the Lego story and if you think we can help you then call 01565 625615