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How can Knutsford Admin Ltd help you in 2019?

Established for 8 years, our friendly team offer Bookkeeping, Secretarial and Training services.

Tech savvy and enthusiastic in this world of ever-changing technology we use the Microsoft office suite to a high standard and the major bookkeeping software and associated apps (i.e SAGE 50, SAGE Business Cloud, Xero, Quickbooks, AutoEntry, GoCardless, PayPal, Stripe, Eventbrite).

Existing clients use our services in different ways, some have regular monthly routines, others use our services on an ad-hoc basis.  Maybe you have a staff member on holiday or off sick – instead of booking a costly full time temp you may prefer to outsource certain tasks and the urgent work, or likewise at times when your own team are stretched due to volume of work it is useful to have us in the background as an extra pair of hands.

Our clients are all important to us, we are a really engaging smiley bunch of people who work best when we get to know you, your business and your team so that we can offer a robust and seamless service.

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BOOKKEEPING & PAYROLL inc Autoenrolment

Have you watched BBC’s Dragon’s Den and cringed as the business owners crumble under interrogation of their numbers – particularly the Net & Gross Profit – let us, and our experience with a whole variety of industries and bookkeeping scenarios help you get to really know your figures.

We work with businesses on routine bookkeeping ensuring they are meeting their legal obligations, avoid HMRC fines and get the most from their figures.  This might include regular entry of expenses into the correct expense categories, recording sales by type, and regularly reconciling the bank account.  As with any database the better you enter the information the more useful it is when it comes out the other end in a management report, such as your profit and loss, you may use your reports to monitor your cost of sales, your profitability, your cashflow and we’ll go through the reports with you so you know how they are compiled and that all the information is present and correct – we’ll always go through your VAT report before submitting your VAT return.  A key area for all businesses is credit chasing, it makes a significant difference sending out sales invoices in a timely and routine fashion and then chasing up when payments are not received as per a business’s terms.  We can also advise of payments using Direct Debits and how to send invoices with ‘click here to pay now’.

Please note, our experience tells us, that we work best with businesses who can see the benefit of prioritising their bookkeeping and want to understand their bookkeeping, this leads to a mutually beneficial and long-term working relationship.



We are expert at editing and formatting documents in Word or PowerPoint presentations.  Clients often prepare the documents themselves setting out what information their specific industry requires and we then edit and format the document, this may include: lining up bullet points, adding titles and subtitles and a table of contents, sizing photos, images and logos so they are uniform, ensuring all font is the same and same size, inserting page breaks where it improves the display of a page, maybe adjusting margins, adding headers and footers with current page setting, putting one page landscape amongst a portrait document. Creating master layouts in Power Point.

Do you have a database or a CRM system that needs tidying up, consistency is very important in these and we can put the right information in the right boxes.

Some clients require research that takes time, we can find that time and search the internet, following your instructions, for the information you need to help you in your business.



Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook are the work horses of many businesses and an introduction to these or a top up of knowledge can be very useful.  We offer bespoke training sessions to suit the requirements of your employees and business needs. Someone may need help with bullet points and document layout, perhaps some excel hints to speed up tasks with simple formulas, how to use a diary in Outlook, setting up meetings, sending invites and reminders.


Why not call us to have a no obligation chat about our services, find out a bit more about the team and see if we can take away some of your stresses in 2019 and help you be more efficient.


Please call Helen or Nathalie 01565 625615 / 07507 897756 or email

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We look forward to hearing from you.